Mike Chenut / Tsuchinoko


Studying in art schools in the first place, Mike starts his career in advertising agencies in Paris. Working for famous brands has made him learn how to respect client wishes and produce the best images possible.  Few years later, M6 (the national French TV channel) offers him to work as creative director to promote M6 on media such as print and web. After 5 years of good services he felt the need to be more creative and to work on different fields, that’s why he built his own agency called 10FUZE. With his own identity he has the opportunity to work with famous brands such as MICROSOFT, AND1, NIKE, HONDA, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, MERCEDES-BENZ etc..

7 years later and still driving by the need to be more and more creative, he stars to work as freelance artist and choose to focus on illustrations and paintings. Since, he produces for a lot of great name in video game industry such as KONAMI, BETHESDA, BLIZZARD, UBISOFT, SQUARE ENIX.


1995 – 1998 : Graphic designer / illustrator in advertising agency

1998 – 1999 : Art Director in design  & advertising agency

1999 – 2003 : Art director for M6 (the national French TV channel)

2004 – 2011 : CEO and Creative director for his own company

2011 – 2017 : Freelance artist / illustrator / graphic designer