Citroën C3 Café edition Press Conference and Reception Party


 CLIENT: Citroën France

DATE : 7 June,  2018

VENUE : The Fleming House

To celebrate the limited release of the Japan originalCitroën C3 Café edition, tree point one four Referred to the “Café edition”, we held this event at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, where it is well known for the area of authentic cafes.
For planning this event, we produced “One day, One night Café” that held the press conference during the day and an exclusive reception party at night.
As the event DJ, we cast TomoyukiTanaka and SHACHO (SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS) to play the acoustic version of their mix to create loungeycafe atmosphere.
We also cast Michael Kaneko and Hanah Spring for the final live performance to conclude this event as the special night that could be experienced.