Client Personal Wedding Celebration


CLIENT : Private

DATE : June 5, 2016

VENUE : Hills Club Clubrom II

On June 5th, 2016 a wedding was celebrated on the 51st floor of the Roppongi Hills, Hills Club. three point one four was asked to decorate the foyer and to provide the BGM for the event. The foyer was filled with a golden effect that beautifully illuminated the room. This opportunity came from a previous event called Le soir art decor taken place at Grand Hyatt Tokyo Grand Ballroom, that was produced by three point one four in 2015. An invited guest, who was captured by the decoration wanted a similar atmosphere for their wedding reception. Since this was a very special day for the bride and groom three point one four made sure to perfect the atmosphere by paying close attention every detail. The balloons and the projector that was used to illuminate the room gave the guest an unforgettable experience. The decoration provided received endless compliments from all attendees. To make the experience last longer, everyone took pictures in the foyer area before they left the ceremony.