Toranomon Hills Worker’s Special Week SPECIAL PARTY


CLIENT : MORI Building

DATE : 25 March, 2015

VENUE : Toranomon Hills

In 2014, Tranomon Hills opened as a new landmark and business complex building in Tokyo. As their first attempt, they held an entrance-free party for the workers in their building. three point one four had conducted the entire production of this event, which includes casting, stage zoning, and direction. On the day of this event, restaurants in the venue were filled by reserved seats. Moreover, the standing area in front of the stage was filled with the workers who arrived after their work and they enjoyed the live performances. As the first act of this live event, Jelly✞Peach’s live performance livened up the party. As the main act, Hana Spring performed and entertained the customers. Also, DJ AMIGA performed between the each live act and turned up the event before the performance. This event delivered the opportunity for the workers of Toranomon Hills to socialize and refresh by enjoying the energetic live performances.